7 thoughts on “My Tiptree reviews are up”

  1. i finished Air today. good stuff – i’m looking forward to working through the rest of the list.

  2. Are Graphic Novels eligible for the Tiptree award? If so, Brian K. Vaughn’s Y: the Last Man should definitely have been considered;in it every creature with a Y chromosome has been killed by a plague except for the protagonist and his pet monkey. Vaughn uses his own variation on a classic scifi theme(the post-apocalyptic adventure) to explore issues of gender and society in remarkably clever ways throughout the series.

    1. I would assume Graphic Novels are eligible, though I imagine there would be some snarky comments about comic books if one actually won — people who claim to love diversity can be awfully close-minded about such things.

      Sorry we didn’t look at the Vaughn book, but as I’ve noted elsewhere, we were so busy with the stuff already being sent to us that we had little time to go looking for more. All may not be lost, though: Tiptree is as flexible about publication dates as it is about everything else, so Y could still be eligible for next year’s Award. Feel free to nominate it.

      1. Although Y: The Last Man is an ongoing serial, so I imagine only one or two specific story arcs could be nominated in any given year. It’s probably too late to nominate, for example, a story arc from 2003.

        1. It’s probably too late to nominate, for example, a story arc from 2003.

          Unless it’s mpreg fanfic, of course. That stuff’s timeless.

          1. Well, I submitted it to the Tiptree website, so perhaps next year’s panel will give it a look. But maybe it would have a better shot if I said it featured a Hogwarts professor impregnating a forensic specialist?

  3. Thanks!
    I was reading a lot of Ballard around the time I was writing “Planet of the Amazon Women,” but I never noticed the influence till you pointed it out. I’m glad you liked it — I just read Set This House in Order (first English-language book I bought after I moved to Switzerland) and really dug it. Hope to run into you at WisCon.

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