Also in the news recently, the Seattle City Council is considering whether to allow the licensing of pygmy goats as pets. While I’m in favor of the measure—the more cute ungulates the merrier, I say—I’m a little puzzled by Councilmember Richard Conlin’s explanation for why he wants to legalize minigoats: “They are already a common pet, and they have some sustainability benefits in that you can grow your own milk and cheese.”

I think “sustainability benefits” is Conlin’s way of saying that it’s more efficient for city-dwellers to make their own cheese than to buy it at a supermarket. This seems unlikely to me, unless you assume that city-dwellers’ time and labor have no cost.

But, hey, that’s a digression from the real issue:

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  1. Hmm. You only get milk if you have kids. A factoid which may or may not be true is that when you go to Indian restaurants in the UK and have the ‘meat’ curry (typically there is beef, chicken, lamb, prawn, ‘meat’, vegetable), the ‘meat’ is often goat because people want goat’s milk but not goat meat and, of course, something has to be done with the goats.

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