Bad Monkeys, minigoats, etc.

Bad Monkeys‘ fourth printing, consisting of 5,000 copies, arrived at HarperCollins’ warehouse last week, and after filling all the outstanding back orders, they’re down to just 800. A fifth printing of 5,000 more copies has been scheduled for October 1st. Despite the difficulty some stores have been having keeping the book stocked, Monkeys is still hanging on at #39 on the Book Sense national bestseller list and at #6 on the Pacific Northwest regional list.

Meanwhile, in the local news, the Seattle City Council has voted to allow the keeping of minigoats as pets. As you may recall from my previous minigoat blog post, one of the official rationales for doing this is that minigoats “have some sustainability benefits in that you can grow [sic] your own milk and cheese.” However, a letter to the editor in today’s Seattle P-I points out that goats only give milk after giving birth, which is a problem since the new law stipulates that male goats must be neutered.

Finally, Cute Overload wants to remind you that it’s not just goats that can be made smaller:

Yes, that’s right, it’s a seeing-eye pony (actually, a miniature guide horse), coming off an airplane. And it’s wearing little horse-sneakers, although one of them seems to have gotten lost along the way: