Talking to movie people

Lately I’ve been taking phone calls from various film-making-type people who are interested in Bad Monkeys. From past experience I know better than to get too excited before there’s an offer on the table, but it is fun to be courted, and to hear various producers, directors, and screenwriters give their takes on how the story could be adapted. Also, the game of “Who would you cast to play so-and-so?” is a lot more interesting when the participants actually know the actor in question.

And it’s a minor thing, but I’ve been struck, yet again, by what a difference the Internet makes. Used to be, if you were on a conference call and you threw out a name or a film title that somebody didn’t recognize, you had to stop and fill them in. Now, though, often the only clue that someone’s unfamiliar with a reference is the faint flurry of keystrokes as they access IMDb.