Market Optical

My main pair of glasses are these cool, expensive rimless jobbies in which the nose bridge and temples are attached via holes drilled through the lenses. This morning I went to take them off and they broke in half—which is to say, one of the lenses broke, popping out a chip of polycarbonate. There’s no way to patch this—it needs a new lens.

Now, this is lousy timing given that I’ve got a reading in Leavenworth this weekend, but fortunately my spare pair of glasses is still close enough to my current prescription that I can see (my depth perception’s a little wonky, but I can manage). My real worry was that it was going to cost an arm and a leg to get the broken lens replaced (did I mention that these were expensive glasses)? But when I got to Market Optical down at Pike Place Market, they told me there was no problem—the special UV coating on the lenses is warrantied against “scratching,” a term that apparently includes the fracturing of the lens, as long as you weren’t sitting on it when it happened. So, no charge, and I’ll have the replacement within a week or two.

Sometimes you really do get what you pay for.