This must be that “literary scene” the interviewers are always asking me about

Lisa and I have been unusually social this past week. Last Saturday night we went over to Leslie Howle’s place for a dinner being held in honor of Elizabeth Hand and John Clute, who were in town for the weekend. It was good to finally meet Liz, although an initial fifteen seconds of confusion reminded me of a basic fact of the universe, which is that just because you’ve seen someone else’s author photo doesn’t mean they know what you look like. (As John Crowley might say, that’s Relativity.)

Sunday was brunch at Eileen Gunn’s place, where Ted Chiang and I had an interesting conversation about what sort of TV shows we’d create if they let guys like us create TV shows.

Monday night we caught Liz Hand’s reading at Richard Hugo House, and scored a signed copy of Generation Loss.

Finally, last night we went to Ursula Le Guin’s reading at the University Book Store.

All of which has been fun, although it looks like there’s going to be a price to pay: this morning, we’re both showing signs of coming down with colds. Good thing we’ve got some new books to read.