Fake shopping (5/8/08)

Back in April, megmccarron  posted her idea for fake shopping, which is where you blog about stuff you’d buy if you had “stupid amounts of cash.” Since then I’ve been keeping an eye out while surfing the tubes, and I’m pleased to announce I’ve found my first fake purchase.

A Japanese company called Tokyoflash makes a line of limited-edition designer wristwatches with unique displays. For example, here’s the “Active Reactor”:

The time shown is 11:43. How do I know? Simple, just do the math:

By the way, this is one of their easier watches to read. Check out the “JLr7”:

Since this is a fake purchase, I will of course be buying all of the available models, along with a nice display case to keep them in. Because I don’t actually wear a wristwatch.

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  1. that is some fine fake shopping, my friend! that reminds me that i had another fake purchase to blog about…

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