In good company

This week I learned that Aimee Bender will be joining me on stage at the Richard Hugo House Literary Series event on October 24th. As you already know if you’ve read my notes on being a judge for the 2005 Tiptree Award, I am in awe of Ms. Bender’s short-story writing prowess, so I’m really looking forward to seeing what she comes up with for the Hugo House reading.

And speaking of awesome short-story writers, yesterday’s mail brought my complimentary copy of Nisi Shawl’s Filter House. In addition to a blurb by yours truly (“A traveling story-bazaar, offering treasures and curios from diverse lands of wonder’), the back cover offers words of praise from Tobias Buckell, Eileen Gunn, Karen Joy Fowler, and Ursula K. Le Guin. With a list of recommendations like that, how can you not run out and buy it right now?