Congrats to Senator Obama

And, by the way, nicely played. After listening to Clinton’s non-concession speech, I was actually worried for a few minutes, but then Obama’s much more presidential address reminded me that, oh yeah, he’s good. Had to be, to get this far. If anyone can figure out a way to safely defuse Her Dreadful Ambition, it’s him, and as one of the Many Pundits said last night, this is a great test of the diplomatic skills he’ll need to deal with Iran and Cuba.

As for Clinton, she’s reminding me a lot of Ayn Rand at the moment, in the sense that I think she’d make an awesome character in a novel. My favorite bit, which comes via Andrew Sullivan: if you take Clinton’s invitation and go to her website to offer her advice on what to do next, the first line of the “advice” form is fixed to read “I’m with you Hillary, and I am proud of everything we are fighting for.” Additional comments are optional.