Just add zombies

Via cherylmmorgan, a blog called Artificial Owl which is devoted to stories and pictures of “abandoned man-made creations.” The shot below is from an apartment complex on Hashima Island, aka Ghost Island, a former Mitsubishi coal-mining facility off the coast of Japan (recently featured on the History Channel series Life After People). The island was abandoned in 1974 after the mines shut down:

More pics here.

Other offerings on Artificial Owl include Prypiat, one-time home of the Chernobyl plant workers (which looks eeriely familiar since I already fought my way through it in this video game), a castle on the Hudson, and a wide assortment of shipwrecks and ship graveyards.

Note that the A.O. blog entries include GPS coordinates and Google Map links, so if you want to visit the abandoned smallpox hospital or the Enewetak Atoll nuclear waste dome, you can use your iPhone to get directions.