First, they came for the dwarves…

Fresh off their unsuccessful attempt to rebrand tuna and marlin as “sea kittens,” the PETA organization has decided to raise a fuss about “fish tossing” as practiced in the Seattle Pike Place Market:

PETA heard that the American Veterinary Medical Association asked some Pike Place Market fish throwers to be the opening act for their July 10 convention at the convention center.

Ron DeHaven, chief executive of the AVMA says his organization thought having one of Seattle’s top tourist attractions — the fish-throwers at the Pike Place Fish Market — come to the event would be a great “team-building experience.”

But PETA sent a letter to the association saying people who care about animals are appalled fish would be treated as toys… When asked why would there be such a fuss since the fish are already dead, Rajt replied:

“Fish feel pain and fear just like dogs and cats do and I don’t think the AVMA would dare take part in the dead kitten toss. Really, morally, there is no difference between throwing around dead kittens and throwing around dead fish.”