Scene from a recent House story conference

Screenwriter #1: So, what should this episode’s big plot point be?
Screenwriter #2: Why don’t we have Chase kill Hitler?
Screenwriter #1: OK!

2 thoughts on “Scene from a recent House story conference”

  1. I’ll preface this by saying that I am not as observant in my tv viewing as you and many others to whom I refer for tv recommendations/commiserations. Most things slip completely by me unless pointed out by a third party (this is not aided by the fact that I tend to read/draw/multitask while watching tv).

    But I have trouble accepting these character discrepancies from week-to-week. Dollhouse, fine, she’s a new person every week. But House — it just seemed so un-Chase. And un-Cameron (I mean, surely she knows by now that she’s a prissy little moral person who doesn’t kill people for any reason?). Maybe I missed something. Maybe it was an intentional character break.

    But I will admit that it was nice to see Chase finally be something other than the frat boy/adoring puppy he usually plays. Frankly, he was kinda hot as the guilty murderer. It’s the floppy hair. 🙂

    1. I agree, it was totally out of character for him, and that plus the sensational nature of the storyline makes me think they’re running out of ideas.

      I did buy Cameron telling the 2nd-in-command guy that James Earl Jones was no longer mentally competent — that sort of passive-aggressive approach does seem very much like her — but the later scene where Jones challenges her to inject an air bubble into his IV had no tension, because of course she wasn’t going to do that.

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