The only things missing are the 3D glasses and the neon color palette

So, Terminator Salvation:

Following the tragic murder of his brother, Sam Worthington gets a second chance at life, courtesy of the Sky(net) People. He’s sent in the form of an avatar to live among the natives of a world Skynet hopes to conquer, but after winning the affection of a tough warrior chick, he switches sides and joins the resistance. In one key scene, Sam jumps onto the back of a big flying thing; in another, he plugs his body into a network and ends up having a chat with the goddess Eywa Helena Bonham Carter. Finally, after he helps deal Skynet a crushing defeat, Sam—the best part of him, anyway—is permanently transferred into the body of the natives’ greatest warrior.

It all seems strangely familiar, somehow… though I’m still not sure how Jane Alexander wound up in the cast.