The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

This was finally in stock at Netflix. Lisa proclaims it “watchable, but not enjoyable,” which I think is a fair summary.

Some thoughts of my own:

* If I hadn’t just read this review lamenting the Mary-Sueism of the book series (via nihilistic_kid), I’d have been baffled by Lisbeth’s attraction to Mikael. As it is, it’s kind of interesting to contemplate how the story could be rewritten to make the relationship plausible. I suspect most of the workable ideas would involve making things even more psychologically disturbing than they already are.

* I realize that part of being a sociopath is believing the rules don’t apply to you, but still, if you’re a sadistic parole officer bent on sexually abusing one of your charges, you might want to pay attention to the description in her file of what happened to the last guy who did that.

* I think Swedish law should be softer on libel and tougher on Nazis.

* …but still, if I had to go to prison, Sweden seems like it’d be a good place to do it. Private cells with laptop computers, cool.