There goes the neighborhood

From The North County Times, via Megan McArdle:

Authorities have begun to put into place the measures they say will protect the public when they torch a house in northern Escondido that is said to be riddled with explosive materials.

On Thursday, workers began building a 16-foot-tall protective wall that will be wrapped in fire-resistant dry wall and sprayed with gel.

Also Thursday, federal prosecutors filed an eight-count indictment against George Djura Jakubec, 54, the former resident of the house, for allegations related to making and possessing bombs, as well as for three bank robberies and a failed attempt to rob a fourth bank.

As for the wall construction, officials say it will shield a neighboring house from the heat and possible debris of the burn, which is being billed as the only way to safely dispose of the chemicals and devices stored inside 1954 Via Scott, which has been described as a “bomb factory.”