In which CNN tries to make me stupider before breakfast

Heard all of the following on CNN while making my morning coffee. The quotes are paraphrases, but not, sadly, exaggerations.

Wolf Blitzer, on the similarity between Egypt today and Iran in ’79:

“Like Mubarak, the Shah of Iran was a friend to the U.S.—but flawed!”

Two other pundits commenting on a possible successor to Mubarak:

“He looks presidential.”
“And that’s fine, but he’s still got to go through an open election process…”

CNN tech expert, commenting on a pending Senate bill that would give the American president the ability to “switch off” the Internet, as Egypt’s government just did:

“You could certainly make a case for wanting to be able to do this, in the event that, say, terrorists launched a denial of service attack against vital infrastructure like the power grid… But we need to careful not to overstep the bounds of civil liberties.”