Welcome to the new Matt Ruff blog

For a while now, I’ve been meaning to upgrade my website, and a WordPress installation seemed like the best way to go. I’m still tinkering with the look of the site, and there may be occasional glitches as I learn exactly what the software can and can’t do, but I hope to have it all figured out in a month or two.

I’m also taking this opportunity to integrate my blog into the site. I’ll be keeping my old LiveJournal account for archival purposes, and may still post announcements there from time to time, but all of my new blogging will be done here, so please adjust your RSS subscription accordingly. [Update: In January 2018, I transfered my LJ archive to this site, and purged my old LJ account.]

Some other news:

* The final galley pass of The Mirage is now locked and on its way to production. Finished books are due back from the printers in early January, and they’ll be in bookstores on February 7, 2012.

* The first round of advance review copies has already gone out. The early response has been very positive.

* The Mirage book tour is still in the planning stages, but confirmed reading and signing dates will be posted here.

* I am now on Twitter, Facebook, and GoodReads. I’m sure all this social networking will do wonders for my productivity.

3 thoughts on “Welcome to the new Matt Ruff blog”

  1. Hi Matt,

    Since you’re in a social mood, I’ve got one more site for you to check out. Kindlegraph (http://www.kindlegraph.com) enables authors to send personalized digital inscriptions directly to the reading devices of their fans. I built this service because I felt awkward going to author readings when I owned the Kindle version of the author’s book and therefore didn’t have anything for the author to sign.

    Evan Jacobs, Founder

    P.S. I’ve read all of your (English language) books and am really looking forward to The Mirage (which you can add to Kindlegraph and start signing today).

  2. Hah, I snatched an advance copy of The Mirage at Abebooks.
    I’m devastated though that I couldn’t prevent it from taking the slow route on the Atlantic Ocean. Right now I’d expect it to rock impatiently in the belly of a big ship, yearning to arrive in my anxiously waiting hands.

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