Wanted: a Lovecraftian time & space travel superhero drama with a side of Borges

So I’ve been tracking the results of last Wednesday’s poll about what genre you’d like to see me tackle next. “Lovecraftian horror” took a surprise early lead, but “SF involving space travel” has since caught up, “Time travel” and “People with superpowers” have both surged ahead, and “Forking paths story” is running a close fifth. Meanwhile, in comments, I’m getting a definite “See how many of these you can pack into one novel” vibe.

Less popular: “Romantic comedy,” “Royal/political intrigue,” and “Young adult.” I’m guessing part of the problem with the latter is that it’s not specific enough: “YA about what, Matt?” As for royal intrigue, I blame David Lynch* for the poor showing.

*Lynch’s Dune was on cable over the weekend, and while I have an unkillable nostalgic fondness for it, it feels cheesier with every passing year.

2 thoughts on “Wanted: a Lovecraftian time & space travel superhero drama with a side of Borges”

  1. You provoked that by providing your readers with so many different topics 🙂
    I wouldn’t blame cheesiness for the poor showing of “royal intrigue”. When I last read Lovecraft, I could not stop imagining what a pre-LOTR Peter Jackson would make out of it. Sort of renders Lovecraft’s stories pathetic and cheesy as well. Maybe people rather got scared by that other adaption of Dune.

    Anyway, it’s nice to hear that you are already on track for the next book. Heck, if it’s the same class as your other books, I would even read an intriguing romantic adult comedy about young politicians…

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