Old habits

Now I know I’m almost ready to start working on a new book. I just spent the past three hours weeding bookshelves, cleaning my office, and doing various other household chores.

Instead of, you know, actually writing.

4 thoughts on “Old habits”

  1. I am in two minds about this.

    1) If Matt Ruff, Author, procrastinates in this manner it proves there is hope for the rest of us, so it is a good thing.

    2) If Matt Ruff, Author, procrastinates in this manner the next book will take more time, so it is a bad thing.

    My third mind says that if anyone can formulate something coherent from these seemingly opposing thoughts, it’s you. Maybe you can add some “Waiting for Godot” to the next book? You know, in case need some more influnces or genres.

  2. As an alien I didn’t know that one could “weed” bookshelves.
    I suppose it’s the same like “sorting”. So why’d you call it “weeding” instead ?

    *trying to get the attention of the author Matt Ruff to the topic of language in general for a start*

    1. “Weeding” implies more than just sorting or reorganizing — it means you’re actually picking books to get rid of, to free up shelf space.

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