We now return to our regularly scheduled diet

Lisa’s home, so last night we were back to normal dinner food, stir-fried shrimp and vegetables with black beans, over soba noodles:

I enjoyed my culinary experiments (seriously, you should try the hasenpfeffer recipe with chicken; it’s awesome). There are more I didn’t have time to get to, some of which—e.g., kidneys—will have to wait until Lisa’s next away trip. But there are others I can try while she’s home. For example, we’re both big lamb fans (or were, until the price started spiking a few years ago), but we’ve never had goat. I’ve got a great lamb and green bean stew recipe that I think would work really well with goat meat.

And in the realm of seafood, I just learned via @adam_orbit that the Gulf of Mexico is experiencing an invasion of giant Asian tiger prawns. Because this is an invasive species that doesn’t play well with other members of the local ecosystem, marine scientists are calling it a “big concern,” but to me it sounds like a sweet, tasty concern that cries out for melted butter. Stay tuned.