Wireless keyboard suggestions?

For when I’m on the road during book tour, I’m looking to get a keyboard that I can use to type longer email messages and blog posts on my iPad2. The obvious choice would be Apple’s own Wireless Keyboard, but I thought I’d throw it open to the hive-mind. Does anyone have any other suggestions for keyboards worth considering? (I already have an iPad cover that I really like, and the covers with built-in keyboards I’ve looked at haven’t impressed me much, but it might be nice to have a keyboard with a stand the iPad can sit in while I’m typing.)

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  1. It has been my experience that covers with built-in keyboards not only tend to be too bulky, but also tend to put the keys a little too close to the iPad, making everything feel rather crowded. If someone wants an iPad with a keyboard permanently attached I have to ask them why they do not just get an 11″ MacBook Air. To each their own, I suppose.

    I work for a company that, in part, sells iPads and iPad accessories. I have yet to see a wireless keyboard that preforms any better than the Apple Wireless Keyboard. The Apple one walks the fine line of being portable without sacrificing keysize. It is slim enough to fit into most shoulder bags without being annoying. It is not perfect, but is the best out there right now.

  2. Hank’s right: The Apple Wireless is great, no doubt. Nevertheless, I had the same iPad ›problem‹, went a different route and bought the iPad Keyboard Dock. Even less hassle than the Wireless (no batteries, no pairing), extra function keys and keeps the iPad perfectly in position. Only in portrait orientation, but that lends it a somewhat retroesque typewriterly air 😉 Plus: It’s apparenty uncool, i.e. cheap on eBay.
    Like that one:

  3. Your german paperback-issue from ‘Set this house in order’ ( = Ich und die Anderen) is now available in the 10th printing!

    Congrats from your cover-illustrator! 🙂

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