The Mirage gets two thumbs up from the SF blogosphere has posted Charlie Jane Anders’s review of The Mirage. She liked it:

The Sept. 11 attacks and the Iraq war have reverberated through science fiction and fantasy for over a decade, giving us plenty of stories of terrorism, wars of occupation and clashes of cultures. But Matt Ruff’s The Mirage, which comes out next week, might just be the ideal prism with which to refract your memories of that brutal decade and see them anew. Plus it’s an addictive, fascinating read, which keeps you guessing.

Full review here.

Meanwhile, in his Scores column over at Strange Horizons, John Clute shares his thoughts about The Mirage. I love what he has to say, but I also have to warn you, because it’s as much analytical essay as review, he gives away some key plot points, including the ending. So, BIG SPOILER ALERT! If you’d rather be surprised, bookmark that last link until after you’ve finished the novel. In the meantime, here’s the money tweet: