The Mirage week two recap

This week’s highlight reel:


  • The Oregonian — “It’s bracing to read a novel that generates a fresh look at Our Troubled Times without the exhausted polemics and manipulative sentiments. In fact, The Mirage is a 9/11 novel we’ve been waiting for, audacious, funny and bold.”
  • The Kitsap Sun — “The Mirage is a shimmering tour de force — an entertainment, a contemplation, and an indictment, all rolled into one.”
  • BookPage — “It’s no easy task to recreate the universe in its own, if slightly distorted, image, yet Ruff has succeeded handily, dizzying and dazzling the reader with a fantastic—and fantastical—story.”
  • The Brown Tweed Society — “Characters worth caring about, real tension and suspense, and a wildly unexpected resolution…”
  • The Authors Speak — “Rarely do I call a book ‘transcendent’, but this one may be just that.”

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Other mentions


  • #9 on the Pacific Northwest Independent bestseller list for February 12, 2012
  • #3 on the Elliott Bay Book Company bestseller list for February 19,2012

Week one highlights here.

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