The Mirage week four recap

I’ll be in San Francisco for the next three nights (see my event schedule here for details). Before I head for the airport, here’s a quick rundown of last week’s Mirage highlights:


Essays and Interviews

  • Radio interview with Ross Reynolds for NPR’s The Conversation
  • Interview with Lindsey McGuirk for Northwest Book Lovers

Other mentions

  • CQ Homeland Security, a daily news digest published by Congressional Quarterly, name-checked The Mirage in its February 17 roundup  “BEHIND THE LINES: Our Take on the Other Media’s Homeland Security Coverage”


  • #5 on the Seattle Mystery Bookshop February hardcover bestseller list
  • #7 on the Pacific Northwest Independent bestseller list for February 26, 2012

Previous recaps: week one; week two; week three.

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