A Book For All Seasons

As a coda to my book tour, last Saturday I went out to Leavenworth, Washington to help A Book For All Seasons celebrate their 20th anniversary. There was cake, wine, and a contest where I and four other local authors sat around the store stamping customers’ prize cards—collect us all, and you had a chance to win a $25 gift certificate. I was seated in the fiction section, and managed to get in some quality browsing time when I wasn’t schmoozing. Look who was face-out directly to my left:

Hi, Kelley! Love the new cover!

I signed stock before I left, so if you’re in the vicinity and looking for a signed Mirage, Bad Monkeys, or Set This House in Order, stop in and say hi. And remember to wish them a happy 20th!

(P.S. They also own a local winery.)