The Mirage post-book tour recap

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This week The Mirage is back on the Pacific Northwest Independent bestseller list at #12. Also, Nancy Pearl has been saying nice things about me on the radio, and next month I’ll be a guest on her Book Lust TV show. And my publicist and I are still waiting, fingers crossed, on reviews from a couple major newspapers that haven’t weighed in yet.

But in the meanwhile, now that the book tour is over it’s time for me to shift back into writer mode and start working on my next novel—and by “working” I mean, at this stage, going for very long walks, talking to myself, and trusting my wife to understand why I am even more distracted than usual.

To get myself back in the work work habit, I’m also going to try and blog more frequently—so if you’ve got questions you didn’t get a chance to ask me on tour, or just general topics you’d like me to ruminate about, feel free to make suggestions in comments.

1 thought on “The Mirage post-book tour recap”

  1. So, I’ll have to admit, my selfish self was a little upset at how long it was taking you to get a new book out. About twenty pages into Mirage, I realized why; the amount of research you had to do must have been paramount. How much research did you do, and was there a point when you felt your head was about to explode?

    Also, what are your thoughts on the explosive YA market and have you ever thought about writing for it?

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