Bookslut reviews The Mirage

Over at Bookslut, the ever-so-kind Colleen Mondor shares her thoughts about The Mirage:

With his latest novel, Matt Ruff shows yet again that he is a master of crafting intricate, complex plots that read as effortless dreams. The Mirage is a book that should not be able to exist — it should just be too damn hard to pull off — and yet in it Ruff gives readers a modern day thriller with real characters who pick everything apart, solve the mystery, and face a new day in the most satisfying ending I have read in, well, forever. Ruff is phenomenal, he is like no one else, and he should be at the top of the award and bestseller lists because he writes for everyone and he does it very well…

He does something with The Mirage that is compelling and elegant. Older teens who have only known the post-9/11 world should read it as an echo of earlier satires on war and politics but also for the great gripping story it provides. And anyone who looks at our world and wonders what we have gotten into will find The Mirage illuminating. I remain deeply impressed by what Matt Ruff has accomplished here and hope he receives all of the attention for it that he deserves. I am, in a word, amazed.

Nice way to start the week! The full article—which also looks at Dianna Wynn Jones’s Fire and Hemlock, Elizabeth Hand’s Radiant Days, Kelley Eskridge’s Solitaire, and Delia Sherman’s The Freedom Maze—can be found here.