The latest

Sorry things have been quiet on the blog lately, but I’ve been putting the finishing touches on a new P.S. section—think literary equivalent of DVD extras—for the trade paperback edition of The Mirage.

Some news:

* I recently did an interview for the Mourning Goats website, which you can read here.

* Matt Mikalatos, an author and self-described evangelical Christian, wrote a review of The Mirage that I really liked.

* A couple years ago, some friends of mine in a local sword-fighting club started writing a historical novel called The Mongoliad, which was initially published in serial form on the web. A complete and definitive version is now being published in print, Kindle, and audiobook formats. Volume one just came out, and can be ordered here.

* Seattle supervillain Rex Velvet released another video on Tuesday. This one has cats in it.