Location scouting for the next apocalypse

Odds are I’m going to die in bed or in a really stupid-sounding accident, so I don’t actually need a remote mountain hideaway to serve as my last redoubt, but this’d be an awfully cool one, don’t you think? It’s the Hotel del Salto, located at Tequendama Falls outside Bogotá, Columbia. According to the Internet, it was built in the 1920s and abandoned in the 1990s due to river contamination, and because of the high number of suicides inspired by the falls, it’s also haunted. Now it’s being turned into an ecological museum, which means we can add genetically engineered killer vines and velociraptors into the mix.

The above photo is from a blog post by Francesco Mugnai called “30+ of the most beautiful places and abandoned ruins i’ve ever seen.” Some great story and/or offbeat travel fodder there. (I also really like the Christ of the Abyss statue and the abandoned Japanese amusement park.)

Incidentally, the secret back entrance to my last redoubt is located in the Ukraine: