Speaking to America’s youth

One of them, anyway:

Today I have a guest blog post over at Dear Teen Me, which has authors write letters to their younger selves. This is a fun game if you play it straight. I tried to stick to advice that my younger self would actually listen to, or at least pretend to listen to.

Hunting for a photo to accompany the piece, I discovered that I’ve got a lot of pictures of me as a toddler and a lot of me in college, but not so many of me as a teenager. Fortunately someone—probably Dad—snapped this shot of me at my IBM Selectric II. If you look on the right at the blue box, you can see the alternate font balls that allowed you to type in italics and boldface.

Also online this week, an interview I did with Norelle Done for her Seattle Wrote blog, which profiles local authors. You can read that here.