Just got my complimentary author’s copies of the Polish translation of The Mirage. Aren’t they sexy?

They had a rough time getting here. The first batch got stolen or eaten in transit, and all I received was an empty mailsack with a big hole in the bottom. (Fun fact: the U.S. postal service will still deliver parcels that are obviously missing their contents, even if what’s left of the packaging resembles windblown debris.) The folks at REBIS Publishing very kindly sent a second round by special delivery, heavily armored in multiple layers of cardboard, and this time the books arrived safely.

The translation is by Zbigniew A. Królicki and the cover design is by Michał Pawłowski.

(P.S. The long-awaited German translation of The Mirage is due on March 1.)

2 thoughts on “Miraż”

  1. Great cover. Had to reach out to my relatives to pick up a copy and send it my way. I’ve also read Sewer, Gas & Electric, Fool on the Hill, and Bad Monkeys in Polish. I try to read my favorite books in both the languages I speak.

    I just wish Set This House In Order had a translation.

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