Reading in Salem, Oregon this Friday evening

I’ll be reading and signing books at The Book Bin in downtown Salem, Oregon this Friday, starting at 7 PM. I’m told the bookstore also has a cat that shares a birthday with H.P. Lovecraft, so really, how could you not come by?

In other news:

* I had fun at Comicon last Friday. It’s been a long time since I’ve been around cosplayers, and it was interesting to see what costumes are popular now. No surprise, Star Wars is big (especially Rey), and I must have seen half a dozen Captain Americas and a slew of Ghostbusters with proton backpacks. Star Trek, on the other hand, seems to be in a slump: I didn’t spot a single Vulcan.

* I’ve belatedly discovered a Twitter account called Black Metal Cats, which is exactly what it sounds like.

* I just got word that the new edition of Fool on the Hill is back from the printers. This means that the corrected ebook should be available very soon, too; I’ll post a notice as soon as I’ve got confirmation.

1 thought on “Reading in Salem, Oregon this Friday evening”

  1. That is great news about the “Fool on the Hill” reprint. I am just discovering your work, having begun with the masterful “Set This House in Order” then moving on to “Bad Monkeys” and now “Lovecraft Country”.

    I look forward to my first reading of FOTH and will be picking up the reprint when it becomes available.

    If you are ever in the Southeast please consider an appearance in Atlanta. Thanks!

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