Lovecraft Country paperback coming on February 14

The trade paperback edition of Lovecraft Country will be on sale February 14, so if you’re looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift… well, keep looking. But if you’re up for a timely, entertaining novel that Nancy Pearl called “amazing” and “a stunner” and that the Chicago Review of Books said is “worth every dime,” I’ve got you covered.

In related news:

* Lovecraft Country is eligible for a Hugo Award, so if you’re a member of Worldcon, please feel free to nominate it.

* As always, you can order signed copies of Lovecraft Country and any of my other novels from Secret Garden Books, and they do ship internationally.

* I’ll be reading and signing books at Queen Anne Book Company in Seattle on Thursday, April 13 at 7 PM. I’m working on adding some other events as well; check the appearances page for an up-to-the-minute schedule.

3 thoughts on “Lovecraft Country paperback coming on February 14”

  1. Hi,
    is there any chance you will ever make it to Germany in the (near) future, maybe even in the Berlin area?
    ciao Thomas

    1. I’d love to come back to Berlin, but so far Hanser hasn’t invited me. If I do get out there I will be sure and post about it well in advance.

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