Four weeks to 88 Names

The publication date for 88 Names is just four weeks away now. The launch event will be a reading, Q&A, and book signing on March 17 at 7 PM at the Elliott Bay Book Company in Seattle. If you’re going to Emerald City Comic Con, I’ll be signing copies at the University Book Store booth on March 12 at 4 PM. A full list of book tour dates can be found here.

I will also be doing some online promotion. In collaboration with the fine folks at Rise Up Daily and the Threaded Zebra Agency, I’ve been recording a limited series 88 Names podcast. One episode will feature an interview with yours truly; in the others, media critic Blake Collier and I will be talking to people in the tech and entertainment industries about the future of virtual reality. Confirmed guests include novelist Cory Doctorow, philosopher and ethicist Michael Madary, Academy Award–winning director and illustrator Brandon Oldenburg, No Proscenium founder Noah J. Nelson, and Glassbox Technologies CPO and co-founder Mariana Acuña Acosta. To cap off the podcast series, I’ll be appearing live in AltspaceVR to do a reading and Q&A. The first podcast episode should drop about a week before publication day; I’ll be posting a detailed schedule soon.

Meanwhile, on March 6 at 11 AM Pacific I will be appearing on the Drax Files Radio Hour in Sansar, the immersive 3D version of Second Life. This is a more general interview about my writing career, but as it will be taking place in virtual reality with me wearing a custom avatar, I imagine the subject of 88 Names will come up. If you can’t catch the show live, don’t worry, a 2D version will be posted to YouTube afterwards.

Last but not least, I’ll be scheduling a purely text-based Ask Me Anything interview on Reddit, sometime around pub date. Details soon.

2 thoughts on “Four weeks to 88 Names”

  1. Great plot. I’m looking forward to reading it. Will get my bookdealer to order it immediately.
    Since my mothertongue isn’t English I hope I’ll understand everything well enough. Your phantasylanguage and braintwisting situations you put your characters in have always been wickedly challenging to me. Nevertheless I can’t wait for another year ’till a German version reaches us here in Austria so I’m going to wreck my brain
    Wish you a successful launch. Andrea!
    Any chance that you might come to Europe?

    1. I will definitely come to Europe if one of my publishers invites me, but at this point it’s still too far in the future to say whether that will happen. Fingers crossed, though — I’d love to see Vienna again.

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