The 88 Names podcast

Over the past month, I’ve been recording episodes of a limited series 88 Names podcast, in which film critic Blake Collier and I interview various luminaries in the virtual reality tech and creative arts fields. The podcast site is now live, here. The first regular episode, an interview with Academy Award–winning filmmaker Brandon Oldenburg, will drop this Friday, March 13, and an interview with Yours Truly will post on March 17, 88 Names‘ publication day. A teaser episode, in which Blake and I talk briefly about Lovecraft Country, is already available, here.

Future podcast guests include novelist Cory Doctorow; Glassbox Technologies co-founder and CPO Mariana Acuña Acosta; philosopher and ethicist Michael Madary; Hewlett-Packard’s Global Head of Virtual Reality for Location Based Entertainment, Joanna Popper; and No Proscenium founder Noah Nelson. The series will be capped off by a live, virtual reality book reading and author Q&A on the AltspaceVR site (April 17 starting at 5:30 PM Pacific).

The podcast is being produced by Darryl Armstrong and the Threaded Zebra Agency and hosted by Rise Up Daily. Sponsors include Derooted, AltspaceVR, and Creative Mornings.

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