88 Names podcast episode 7: Noah Nelson

On this episode of the 88 Names podcast, we talk to Noah Nelson, the founder of No Proscenium, a website and podcast devoted to “everything immersive,” though as the name implies, there’s an emphasis on theater and other types of immersive live performance that blur the line between actors and audience.

For me, this was the most eye-opening of the podcast interviews, touching on whole categories of experience that I’d never even considered in connection with 88 Names. By the time we finished talking, I was eager to check out some immersive theater for myself, and Noah generously offered to be my guide when I came to L.A. on book tour. That plan was derailed by the coronavirus, but all is not lost: On the website, Noah writes about how the immersive theater community is trying to adapt to the pandemic, and a frequently updated post lists immersive and interactive experiences that are available online.

A programming note: This is the last “regular” episode of the 88 Names podcast. We have one more special episode that will be dropping shortly, another written interview (with VR marketing consultant Amber Osborne), and then Blake and I will be offering some final thoughts. Stay tuned!