Couldn’t have asked for better

Last night some friends of ours set up a projection screen and sound system in their yard so we could have a socially distanced group viewing of the Lovecraft Country premiere. Lisa and I had already gotten a sneak preview of the show courtesy of HBO, but it was great to watch it with other people and see their reactions. (Mostly tense silence once the road trip started—during the encounter with the sheriff in Devon County, everyone got so quiet that I could hear the neighbors in the surrounding houses.) I also had a blast, before and after the show, tracking other viewers’ responses on Twitter.

I have lots of thoughts about the show but the title of this post sums it up. I’m incredibly fortunate to have had Misha Green leading the creative team that adapted my novel. It’s a wonderful translation of the story and I really couldn’t have asked for better.

I also owe big thank-yous to Jordan Peele and J.J. Abrams, without whom this would not have happened, to Yann Demange, who did an amazing job directing last night’s episode, and to the cast and crew, who in addition to doing great work were incredibly welcoming during my visits to the set. Shout out to my agent Matthew Snyder at CAA. And last but not least, thanks to HBO, for going all in on this.

Through the remainder of the show season I’ll be available to answer questions over on Goodreads. Just visit my profile page and look for the Ask the Author feature.

5 thoughts on “Couldn’t have asked for better”

  1. I’m just super excited for your success. I’ve been a fan since I randomly found fool on the hill in a newsstand a read it in a bar in one sitting, the day my grandfather died. And I’ve interviewed you, and you kindly answered an email from my daughter once.
    I just honk it’s great that so many people will now be exposed to your work, and I hope you enjoy all the success and happiness!
    Lane Filler

  2. Sharly / Katrin

    I just finished watching the first episode and it was even better than I expected. I am so happy and excited for you. There have been many book to TV adaption in the past and it’s not always a safe bet that they’ll turn out this good. Can’t wait for more of the series AND can’t wait for more novels if you realise your hinted at intentions of continuing the Lovecraft Country universe!

    Katrin Just

  3. Stephen Schwaner

    Hey, Matt!
    I saw a commercial for the series while watching something on Hulu (weird huh?) yesterday so l had to check it out. I thought the first episode was excellent! LOVECRAFT COUNTRY is one of the few of your works that l haven’t read, but it will be arriving via Amazon in a couple of days so l can draw a comparison between the two. I still have the signed copy of FOOL ON THE HILL that you gave me although it’s somewhat worse for the wear.
    I’m looking forward to watching the next episode and hopefully will be able to read the novel before then. I hope all is well in Ruff Country and wish you continued success.
    Steve Schwaner

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