Join me in the Dungeons of Drakkenheim tomorrow, 3/23, at 3 PM Pacific

Tomorrow at 3 PM Pacific / 6 PM Eastern I will be joining Kelly McLaughlin and Montgomery Martin, aka the Dungeon Dudes, in their livestreamed D&D campaign, the Untold Tales of Drakkenheim. I’ll be playing the character Alvin Peaseblossom, aka “Mr. Big,” a 4th-level gnome rogue with a giant brain. This is my first D&D session since college, thirty-five years ago, so it promises to be extra chaotic, and a lot of fun.

You can watch us live on Twitch, here, or catch the video replay afterwards on either Twitch or the Dungeon Dudes’ YouTube channel. You’ll also want to check out this week’s 88 Names podcast, where Kelly and Monty will be our special guests.