A new look for the website

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Over the past month and a half I’ve been working on a long overdue redesign of this website. I swapped out the old Twenty-Ten WordPress theme I’d been using since forever and replaced it with the spiffy new Astra theme, which meant learning how to use the WordPress block editor (time-consuming and a little daunting, but ultimately worth it). I also restructured the site to make it easier to navigate and find stuff. I’m still tinkering around the edges and figuring out what other features I might want to add, but overall I’m very pleased with the new look.

Another thing I’m very pleased with is my new web hosting service, Siteground, which offers all sorts of cool innovations like a technical support team that actually provides technical support. When I first switched my domain to the new IP address, I was having an issue with emails bouncing back to the sender; Siteground diagnosed the problem and fixed it in about fifteen minutes. Meanwhile, it’s three weeks and counting since the tech team at my old host service said they’d “get back to me” about why their built-in file download tool had stopped working.

I’ve also opened a new social media account on Post.news, which you can reach using the link in the upper-right-hand corner of the screen. For now I’m still spending most of my scrolling and posting time on Twitter (it’s like having a front-row seat to the crash of the Hindenburg), but I wanted to make sure I had somewhere to go if and when the bird site finally goes down, and Post feels like the most promising of the current alternatives. And whatever happens, you can always find me here.

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