Hard to believe, but we’re less than four weeks away from the publication of The Destroyer of Worlds. A couple quick news updates:

* I’ve created a preliminary Frequently Asked Questions page for The Destroyer of Worlds, covering such obvious topics as, “Do I need to read Lovecraft Country first?” and “Will there be more Lovecraft Country books after this one?” If there’s something I’ve missed that you’re curious about, feel free to ask me in the comments below. (I also plan to do another Ask Me Anything session on Reddit around publication, and my friend Blake Collier and I will be doing a reader Q&A segment on the forthcoming Destroyer of Worlds podcast.)

* I will be appearing in person at the 2023 Emerald City Comic Con on Sunday, March 5. My exact itinerary is still being worked out, but I’ll participating in at least one panel and signing books at the UW University Book Store booth. The most up-to-date version of my schedule can always be found on the appearances page of this website.

More soon!