Território Lovecraft

Today, a Portuguese translation of Lovecraft Country is being published in my mother’s native country of Brazil, by Editora Intrínseca.

This isn’t my first Brazilian edition—that would be Macacos Malvados, Companhia das Letras’ 2008 edition of Bad Monkeys—but this is definitely one of those days when I really wish Mom was still around. She’d have been proud.

The translation is by Thaís Paiva, and the cover art is by Jarrod Taylor.

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Reading on August 21st at the Ballard Libary

The trade paperback edition of Bad Monkeys is due out August 12, and my publicist is starting to line up events. As noted previously, Suzanne Perry of Secret Garden Books was interested in having me read at the Ballard branch of the Seattle Public Library (5614 22nd Ave. NW), and we now have an official date: August 21st at 6:30 P.M.

Also, a reminder that I’ll be appearing at Richard Hugo House on October 24 to read a brand-new short work. Aimee Bender and Marie Howe will also be reading.

And for my friends and relatives in the southern hemisphere, I’m told the Brazilian edition of Bad Monkeys is now in stores.

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Bad Monkeys update

For those who have been wondering, my next novel is scheduled for publication by HarperCollins in late July/early August of next year.

Foreign rights sales have been unusually brisk. Although I don’t have dates yet, Bad Monkeys is slated to be published in the U.K., Germany, Brazil, and the Netherlands (the Netherlands publisher is also going to do a Dutch translation of Set This House in Order; can’t wait to see that).

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