Election Day

Given all the stories about voter suppression and other ongoing political shenanigans, it seems appropriate to note that this is the 200th anniversary of the election of Vice President Elbridge Gerry (pictured at right), the man from whose name we get the term “gerrymandering.” If you are voting today in a bizarrely shaped electoral district that overwhelmingly favors one of the two main parties, spare a thought for dear old Elbridge. And if you find yourself waiting six or seven hours to get to the polling booth, know that the American tradition of screwing with the voters goes all the way back to the days when Democrats and Republicans were the same party. Hang in there.

Other random Election Day notes:

* Still working on the new novel. Still really liking it.

* Yes, I did take time to vote. Washington state uses the incredibly convenient mail-in ballot system, so it took me all of twenty minutes, plus a stroll to the post office. You folks in Ohio and Florida should try it!

* If you are seeking 21st amendment remedies to help you get through the election returns, the band Train now has its own wine label, offering a California Red called “Drops of Jupiter” and a Chardonnay, “Calling All Angels.”

* The Coptic Church just had an election, too — for Pope!

* Have you seen the puggle yet?

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