Lovecraft Country nominated for the Readers’ Choice Book Awards in Poland

In another bit of translation related news, the Polish edition of Lovecraft Country has been nominated as Best Horror Book of 2020 for the Readers’ Choice Book Awards in Poland (which, as I understand it, is their equivalent of the Goodreads Choice Awards).

Voting is open to the general public on the awards website through midnight Central European Standard Time this Sunday, February 28. (If you don’t read Polish, I’d recommend using a browser like Google Chrome that has a built-in translator.)

If you do decide to vote, be sure to check out the other award categories. My friend Ted Chiang’s book Exhalation is nominated in science fiction.

Winners will be announced on March 8.

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So much for the Fourth Reich

Like many of you, I spent last week watching election returns and reading silly hot takes about What It All Means. (My favorite, so far, is Jonathan Chait’s assertion in New York Magazine that “America, by and large, never wanted Trump to be president,” which is an exceedingly odd statement given that 70 million people just voted to reelect him.) Silliness aside, it looks like Trump really is on his way out and the republic isn’t going to fall just yet. So that’s a relief.

In other news:

* Lovecraft Country is on the New York Times bestseller list for the tenth week. Now that the HBO series has finished its first season, I imagine this won’t last much longer, but it’s been a great run.

* The Italian edition of Lovecraft Country, translated by Luca Briasco, was published on October 27, and the Polish edition, translated by Marcin Mortka, was published on November 2. This brings the total number of translations to nine, with eight more—from China, Greece, Hungary, Japan, Romania, Serbia, South Korea, and Turkey—forthcoming.

* Meanwhile in Germany, FISCHER Tor’s German-language edition of 88 Names, translated by Alexandra Jordan, is available now in ebook format and will be published in print on November 25.

* I have two more online events this week: On Wednesday, November 11, at 3 PM Pacific Time, I’ll be a guest on the Vox Vomitus podcast, chatting with host and fellow author Jennifer Anne Gordon. And on Thursday, November 12, I’ll be appearing via Zoom at Magic City Books of Tulsa at 5 PM Pacific/7 PM Central.

And finally, FYI:

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