Surfing the snowpocalypse

We’re in day 2 of Seattle’s annual snowstorm. By East Coast standards the amount of snowfall is trivial, but because the city’s main snow removal plan is called thirty-three degrees Fahrenheit, even an inch or two, if it sticks, is enough to shut everything down.

Fortunately we still have the Internet, from which I learn that our neighbors just up the hill are enjoying themselves:

More pics here. It’s too bad the zoo is closed today, or I might risk a slip on the ice to go say hi to the penguins.

Meanwhile, over in Russia (via Alexis Madrigal of The Atlantic), a crow experiments with winter sports:

It occurs to me that, because I live on a hill, there is a snow-covered rooftop within easy jar-lid-throwing distance of my second-floor balcony. And of course, crows are extremely common around here.

Hmm. Whatever shall I do with my afternoon?

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