The Destroyer of Podcasts

Episode 4: Reader Questions

This final episode of the Destroyer of Worlds podcast is devoted to reader Q&A. Questions include, “What are your plans for Lovecraft Country books three and four?” “Will you be writing sequels to any of your other novels?” and my personal favorite, “What would H.P. Lovecraft think of Lovecraft Country?”

Episode 3: Thoughts on the HBO Series

On this episode of the podcast, Blake and I talk about Misha Green’s adaptation of Lovecraft Country, which aired on HBO in 2020. We discuss some of the key differences in the way the TV series and the novel approached the story, and I share my thoughts on one of the show’s most controversial moments. We also touch on my favorite of the series’ innovations, Kevin Lau’s “Meet Me in Daegu” episode.

Episode 2: History and Legend

On today’s episode, Blake and I talk about Universalist-minister-turned-folk-historian Hugo Prosper Leaming, the legend of the third lost colony of Roanoke, and the challenges and joys of incorporating history into fiction. We also give a shout-out to the late Professor James W. Loewen, whose book Sundown Towns was a big inspiration for Lovecraft Country.

Episode 0: Welcome to the Destroyer of Podcasts

The Destroyer of Podcasts is a limited series devoted to discussion of my new novel, The Destroyer of Worlds: A Return to Lovecraft Country. In this introductory episode, my co-host Blake Collier and I say hello and talk about the origins of the story.