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Lovecraft Country PREVIEW

Three weeks to publication! For the impatient and the curious, here’s a preview to whet your appetite: a PDF of the first 23 pages of the novel.

And for the still-curious, here’s a post-preview FAQ:

Are there fantasy or supernatural aspects to the story?

Yes. The fantastical elements ramp up slowly, but part of the conceit of Lovecraft Country is that Atticus and George get to star in real-life versions of their favorite weird tales. Each of the novel’s chapters, in addition to advancing the main plot, has a mini-adventure focused on a different member of Atticus’s extended family. I won’t spoil it, but the chapter titles hint at what you’re in for: “Dreams of the Which House”; “Abdullah’s Book”; “Hippolyta Disturbs the Universe”; “Jekyll in Hyde Park”; “The Narrow House”; “Horace and the Devil Doll”; and “The Mark of Cain.”

Are any of the main characters women?

Yes. Atticus’ aunt Hippolyta, his childhood friend Letitia Dandridge, and Letitia’s sister Ruby are all major characters with their own subplots.

Does Cthulhu make an appearance?

In the novel, the Cthulhu Mythos is fiction, but the characters encounter a number of real-world analogues to Lovecraft’s creations. For example, in “Abdullah’s Book,” George and the members of his Freemasons’ lodge sneak into a museum after hours to steal a copy of what is essentially the Necronomicon. Oh, and that big thing busting branches in the woods is… well, you’ll find out.

I’ve never read any Lovecraft. Will the story still make sense to me?

Yes. You may miss the odd allusion, but the novel is self-contained and tells you everything you need to know.

Sounds awesome! When can I read the whole thing?

The novel’s on-sale date is February 16th, but you can preorder it right now from your local indie bookstore, or through the links on the Lovecraft Country page of my website.

What if I want a signed copy?

Check the appearances tab for the current schedule of where I’ll be reading and signing books. I’ll also be signing stock at other bookstores and will post on the blog when I’ve done so. Finally, you can always order signed copies of my books from Secret Garden Bookshop (phone 206-789-5006 or drop them an email)—they ship anywhere, including internationally.

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