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Seattle to host real-life spinoff of The Avengers

As you may have heard, yesterday’s May Day protests in Seattle were marred by an anarchist reenactment of the WTO riots. Amid the window-smashing, there were reports that Seattle’s leading real-life superhero, Phoenix Jones, was pepper-spraying members of the Occupy Movement. Jones quickly posted denials on Facebook and Twitter:

Bleeding Cool has more on the story, including pics of Jones and his sidekicks standing guard outside the Seattle courthouse:

…and in an ominous development, Seattle’s first real-life supervillain, Rex Velvet, has posted a video on YouTube:

So you can see where this is going. By now I’m sure Nathan Myhrvold is putting the finishing touches on his Iron Man suit (or at least snapping up all the related patents), and thanks to The Hunger Games we’re knee-deep in potential Hawkeyes. As for Thor, I’d look for him up on Phinney Ridge.

And Nick Fury? Hmm…

“They call me Mr. Glass.”

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