Risleyians vidcaps

The state-of-the-art title screen:

Yours Truly as Corporal Hicks, “well-armed but sensitive”:

Jeff Schwaner as Private Hudson, the wimp:

Lisa Vodra as Private Vasquez, the toughest chick in the known universe:

Charles Matheus as Apone, the stereotypical black Sergeant:

John Ruffing as the unloved Lieutenant:

Susan Hericks as orphaned waif Newt:

Sonjaya Tanden explains why we can’t nuke the site from orbit or divest from South Africa:

The marines deploy from their APC…:

…and approach the Hive:

The Risleyians (Evan Evanson) attack!:

…and marine redshirt Sarah Partridge is the first to die:

“Oh crap, there’s more of them.”:

“But now I will strike a manly pose and kill you with my prop shotgun.”:

The Risleyian Queen Mum shows off her eggs:

Professor Marilyn Rivchin, in full plate armor, gets her Sigourney mojo working: